Trackman Custom Fitting

Get Custom Fitted at O'Dwyers Golf Store with Trackman.

Custom Fitting session with the Trackman electronic tracking system will determine the most suitable clubs for you.

TrackMan 4 is the tracking unit of choice for the top players. It combines two radars and one camera for zero doubt. The session with Ryan or John will give you better data, more accuracy and better golf. You might be supersized how much you can learn about your game.

Ryan O’Dwyer is a certified TaylorMade Master Fitter and both our stores have fully equipped fitting studios where you can try all big brands of golf clubs.


Book a Fitting with us.

Fitting service for woods and irons will be free of charge when you buy new equipment from us if not a fitting charge of €50 apply.  Booking is essential.

  • Driver or Irons – (1 hour session)
  • Fairway or Rescue/Hybrid – (30 min. session)
  • Wedges or Putter – (30 min. session)
  • Full Bag – (2.5 hours session)

We also have Demo Days with leading golf brands or we can assist you in booking for Titleist National Fitting Centre – GUI National Academy, Carton House Hotel, Maynooth, County Kildare.

Contact us for a fitting.

What to expect?

The custom fitting with Ryan involves several key steps.

Introduction. Discussion about player’s goals, current equipment, any specific issues or preferences etc.

Warm-up and Baseline Measurements such as clubhead speed, ball speed, and initial shot patterns as a starting point.

Data Collection that includes launch angle, spin rate, shot dispersion… with different clubs to gather comprehensive data.

Analysis that includes evaluation of ball flight, shot consistency, and other relevant metrics.

Equipment Recommendations. The goal is to optimize the equipment to match swing characteristics and performance goals.

Real-time adjustments are made during the fitting session. Ryan will tweak the loft or lie angle, try different shaft and settings to fine-tune the performance of the clubs.

Verification and Fine-Tuning. Once final adjustments are made, the player hits additional shots that are analyzed by TrackMan to verify an optimal club configuration is achieved.

Education and Feedback. Throughout the process, Ryan educates the player on the impact of different equipment choices and swing adjustments. This educational component is valuable for long-term improvement.

Final Customization. Once the optimal equipment configuration is determined, Ryan will give you a quote and can place a custom fit order with expected delivery times.

Follow-Up and Continued Support. Ongoing support and adjustments may be provided as needed, and players are encouraged to communicate with Ryan if any issues arise.

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