Tour A.S. Alignment Sticks


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The new Tour A.S. Alignment Sticks are made to help you practice by helping you to align yourself properly to the target, having the fundamentals right is the first step to playing great golf because a great shot is no use if you are aiming in the wrong direction. The alignment sticks come in pairs with a specially made drill sheet with instructions to show you how to properly implement alignment sticks into your practice routine in a way which will make you shoot better scores. Due to the versatility of this product, the alignment sticks are suitable for golfers of all levels and ages.

  • 2x alignment sticks per tube.
  • Length: 48″ (including spiked end).
  • Rubber cap on one end; pointed on the other end to easily stick into the ground.
  • Includes drill sheet and instructions.
  • Portable and lightweight holding tube included.
  • UV-coated to prevent fading.


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