Product Description

A dozen of Titleist ProV lake balls. Pearl/A Grade.

Less than 1.85 per ball.

GET: 2 dozen Titleist ProV lake balls for 40.99

3 dozen Titleist ProV lake balls for 60.99

4 dozen Titleist ProV lake balls for 79.99

Unboxed dozen of used golf balls.

A pearl grade is the best grade that a used ball can get. This rating means that the ball is in almost perfect, near-new condition. Such balls have no sign of marks, scratches, or blemishes. They are in mint condition. Near pearls are very similar, with maybe the addition of a very small pen mark. Either way, the used condition of these used balls will not affect performance.

Grade A used balls are considered to be the option that is best value for money. They are still is excellent condition with only very minor signs of previous play. They are still suitable for those who want to engage in competition play.