OnCore Caliber Golf Balls


Buy 2 dozen for €29 Got A Question?

1 dozen pack 12 golf balls

Buy 2 dozen for €29

With the hollow core technology, Oncore Caliber allows both the average and experienced golfer to achieve greater accuracy and dominate the fairways.

The features include an 80 compression, 392 dimple pattern, and a .9 inch hollow metal core surrounded by our SoftCell technology. Oncore have optimized their innovative hollow metal core technology to offer you a ball that travels further while providing you more control and accuracy.

By reducing side spin and increasing rifle spin, the Caliber’s core allows the ball to travel along a straight trajectory similar to a bullet leaving the barrel. This technology, primarily improving your ball flight, adds an additional bonus on the putting greens. Due to perimeter weighting the ball is able to roll on a true path. This is akin to creating a wide track tire effect and allows the ball to hold a more stable line on putts.


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