Srixon AD333 Golf Balls Buy 2 for €45


Product Description

1 dozen pack (12 balls)

Buy 2 dozen for €45

Srixon AD333 Golf ball provides high initial ball velocity from the extremely resilient Rabalon elastomer cover. Increased carry and shallow angle of descent for greater roll from the unique 333 aerodynamic pattern. Soft feel, spin and control for excellent playability.

The new Srixon AD 333 features a brand new Rabalon elastomer cover. It provides tremendous initial velocity with greenside playability and soft feel. The soft feel ranges from the driver, irons, and even to the putter.

The 333 aerodynamic dimple design with 6 varying dimple sizes results in low wind resistance during launch and powerful lift during flight. The penetrating ball flight features a shallow angle of descent for greater carry and roll.