Nassau Quattro Golf Balls


Product Description

4 Layers golf ball offering long distance, great spin, max control, increased speed and optimum velocity.

Nassau Golf is a Netherlands based distributor of high standard technology golf balls to Europe for every player and each type of golf course. Nassau golf balls are a very popular brand in Netherlands and Northern Europe.

The 4 layers Nassau Quattro is a soft golf ball much used by pitch and putt players because of its precision.

  • Cover: Thermoset Urethane with lower hardness materialized the long distance by the stiffness and resistance, keeping the softness and control
  • Core: NdBR soft core gives a very soft feeling still providing fast speed for long distance on drivers
  • Inner mantle: achieved extremely enhanced flying distance from high resilience and low compression resin
  • Outer mantle: Ionomer resin covers give high resilience for lond distance with providing optimum spin rate on irons and drivers
  • Dimple: The new generation of 350 pattern designed by aerodynamic science makes the optimum trajectory for the longest distance on drivers and reduces the runs over the short iron shots.

Delivery cost and time:

1.Ireland delivery by GLS couriers 1-2 working days:

1 dozen – 6

2 dozen and more or order over 50FREE

2.Northern Ireland and UK delivery by GLS couriers 2-3 working days:

Up to 2 dozen – 9

3 to 4 dozen – 12

5 dozen and more or order over 150€ – FREE

3.Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland delivery by GLS couriers 4-5 working days:

Up to 2 dozen – 12

3 to 4 dozen – 15

5 dozen and more or order over 150€ – FREE

4.Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain delivery by GLS couriers 6-7 working days:

Up to 2 dozen – 25

3 to 8 dozen – 30

9 dozen and more or order over 250€ – FREE

5. USA, Australia delivery by Irish Royal Mail (AnPost) 5-7 working days:

1 dozen – 12€, 2 dozen – 17€, 3 to 7 dozen – 32€, 8 to 10 dozen – 36€, 11 dozen and more – 50