LITHIUM Go Universal 18 Hole Battery & Charger


Product Description

LITHIUM Go Battery and Charger compatible with all brands electric carts.

Please note that we cannot ship Lithium Battery outside of Republic of Ireland.

Comes with a charger and 3 Year WARRANTY

Comes with T-Bar connector

Lithium Go battery 16ah will fit any golf-trolley as it is designed to replace your old lead acid version.

The battery is extremely powerful but lightweight and can fit onto any golf-trolley with Anderson Torberry or Powakaddy Interconnect system installed.

Lithium Go golf-trolley Battery to fit most golf-trolleys including Powakaddy, Golf Glider, Greenhill, Motocaddy, Hillbilly, Golfstream, Mo-Cad, Whiz Golf, Powertec Trolleys, and many many more.

Why not enjoy over 2000 rounds of golf and carry a battery 1/5th of the weight of lead acid. All this with a 3 year warranty to make the deal even battery.