Cobra KING F7 Fairway Wood

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Product Description

The King Cobra F7 Fairway is Cobra longest & most forgiving adjustable fairway with both rails and adjustable front to back CG to maximize distance through optimized launch and spin.


Two different CG settings in the front and back result in differing ball flights to help you tune your optimum distance and trajectory under variable conditions.

BAFFLER DUAL RAIL SYSTEMEight easily adjustable loft settings to manage trajectory and fine tune launch conditions. The rails have been designed to minimize contact point on the ground which acts as a Smart Pad to maintain a square club head at address regardless of the loft setting.

MyFly 8 with SmartPad
KING F6 Fairways come with eight easily adjustable loft settings that help manage trajectory and fine tune launch conditions to maximize distance on any course, and with any swing.


The rails on the F7 3 wood have a shorter, less pronounced design to accommodate for a sweeping attack angle, allowing the club to glide easily through any lie for improved turf interaction.

5 WOOD – MID RAILSWhether you have a shallow or sweeping attack angle, the medium height rail design on the 5 wood works to reduce digging into the turf in order to retain more club head speed and distance out of any lie condition.

Available in:

MRH, 3-4 FWY, Adjustable 13°-16° Loft, Fujikura Pro 65 Regular or Stiff Shaft