Phoenix GTX Impress Hybrid MRH, 4 or 5, Reg.

39 29

Product Description

The Phoenix GTX Impress Hybrid introduces a slight offset to further improve accuracy and ease of use. Also, the unique internal weighting design provides longer distance from any lie.

Power Rib Sole

By applying a thicker ‘power rib’ construction to the outer areas in the heel and toe of the sole, the head maintains great balance and stability through the swing and crucially at impact.

Dual Sole

By raising the center of the sole by concentrating more weight to the centre area, the CG has been lowered further. The surface area of contact with the ground has been greatly reduced allowing the club head to ‘glide’ across the turf This enables great flexibility of use from bare or tight lies, of the center of the fairway or the rough. Also has the impact of lowering the centre of gravity for better ball flight.

Ultra Thin Crown

Crucially, the thinner crown combines with the heavier sole design to balance the head weight internally from top-to bottom to create lower spin rates and increased ‘run’ on the ground. The lower weight crown also helps to further lower the CG for more stable shots.


Increased offset helps to improve control and promote a slight right to left ball flight.

  • Stainless Construction
  • 39” Length
  • 21 or 24 Degrees Loft
  • 65 gram Graphite Shaft
  • Mid-High Ball Flight
  • Regular Flex
  • Head Cover